Yes, I am back with my vlog…like I said in it, life has been a little hectic for me lately, with trying to get a mortgage for the new house, working my ass off at work, and assorted other things. I’m not doing any vlogs anymore from work, because I was asked (not ordered) to. I can see their viewpoint, and I agree with it. Let’s face it, a gay man in a factory full of straight guys (and girls) is a rare thing, and I lucked out with my job at the box factory. I actually talked with the CEO and he said while he did like my videos, he would appreciate it if I didn’t make any more from work.

And now (drumroll…) I am on FACEBOOK! Yeah, I surrendered, I joined the collective. It’s a way for me to get my videos out there and to get people to watch them. I have gotten to the point where I LOVE doing the videos, and I want to share them with people. If it gets me more subscribers, so be it. There will be (maybe) a new Chronicles episode this weekend, where I talk about it.


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