Saturday morning at the bear’s den (1/30/2010)

Friday night…had to work overtime again…it gets frustrating. But sometimes it goes a little quicker than usual. I suppose it has to do with having something to do other than what you normally do. My supervisor asked me to help out on the taping/gluing machine to get a job out and ready to ship. Fortunately I could bounce around between that and my regular job at the bander, so I didn’t have the time to think about anything else.

Coming home, I knew that I had time to upload and edit my vlog video, and here is the result:

Monday And Wednesday at the factory.

The beginning of the week is like any other, you are rested and ready to work, yet you’re ready to go home after the first hour. Sometimes the day can drag on and on, sometimes it can go in a flash. Monday and Wednesday were like that. Tuesday, well that is the reason why I didn’t post a vlog for that day. That day was not so nice. So not nice that I decided not to upload a video for that day. Maybe someday I will post it as a “lost episode” of the Chronicles.

© 2010, Mattydale Pictures Television and Dean Basler

Out and about on a Sunday morning (1/24/2010)

This Sunday, I felt the need to get out of the house and just walk. I went to the flea market at the Regional Market, and then headed over to the Toxic Mall (aka Carousel Center) to get a new pair of shoes for work and pick up a couple of things at Best Buy. Since I took my camera with me, I managed to document it (including the horrific hat hair.)


Snippets of my life…on posting vlog videos (1/23/2010)

Sometimes I just want to say things with no agenda whatsoever. That is why I am posting vlog vids. With the 1 GB SD card in my Canon PowerShot A520 knockabout camera (the one I take with me all the time) I can record roughly 16 minutes of video. So I can record little segments whenever the mood strikes me. But I probably will get something better suited for the task eventually, because it eats up batteries when I use it. Also, the low level light performance leaves a lot to be desired (along with the battery life, which sucks balls big time,) so having something that is suited for the task will be a lot better. The camera that I am looking at is a Sony Webbie (which I saw when I was at Walmart a few days ago) and I like it a lot better than the Flip HD. I might get that eventually, but until then I will stick with the Canon (and get a set of ni-cad rechargable batteries so I don’t have to spend a shitload of money on alkalines.) I’ll still use my Canon MiniDV to do the Chronicles videos and responses to jpizzle1122’s videos, because it has a lot better quality.

Notes on Episode 8 – Attack of the iPhonistas!


This is a video post that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I got flamed big time for a video response to “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave an iPhone?” and it surprised the shit out of me. Most of the responses of course were from people who own and are devoted slaves of the “Jesus Phone.” (A phrase coined by the UK tech site “The Register.”) There were a few other responses from people who agreed with me, and some of the posters and I did have a meaningful dialog about the iPhone and how useful it is. I still get responses from this video, even though it was posted in November.