Snippets of my life…on posting vlog videos (1/23/2010)

Sometimes I just want to say things with no agenda whatsoever. That is why I am posting vlog vids. With the 1 GB SD card in my Canon PowerShot A520 knockabout camera (the one I take with me all the time) I can record roughly 16 minutes of video. So I can record little segments whenever the mood strikes me. But I probably will get something better suited for the task eventually, because it eats up batteries when I use it. Also, the low level light performance leaves a lot to be desired (along with the battery life, which sucks balls big time,) so having something that is suited for the task will be a lot better. The camera that I am looking at is a Sony Webbie (which I saw when I was at Walmart a few days ago) and I like it a lot better than the Flip HD. I might get that eventually, but until then I will stick with the Canon (and get a set of ni-cad rechargable batteries so I don’t have to spend a shitload of money on alkalines.) I’ll still use my Canon MiniDV to do the Chronicles videos and responses to jpizzle1122’s videos, because it has a lot better quality.

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