I Never Would Want to Change My Life. (October 30, 2015)


2015-08-10 19.45.03

I am watching Heroes Reborn, and listening to the dialog between Noah and Hiro, I realized that even if I had the ability to go back in time and change things, I wouldn’t.  They talk about the Butterfly Effect, and I believe in it.  I would never want to change anything, because it would destroy what my life is now.  I don’t want to not come out of the closet in 1999, never meet my husband, never get my job at Empire State Container‚Äč, never marry my husband, never buy my own home, never suffer the pain of losing people and pets that I loved.  Fate is real and never ending. What has happened in my life has shaped who I am now.  And I would never want to change that.


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