I Never Would Want to Change My Life. (October 30, 2015)


2015-08-10 19.45.03

I am watching Heroes Reborn, and listening to the dialog between Noah and Hiro, I realized that even if I had the ability to go back in time and change things, I wouldn’t.  They talk about the Butterfly Effect, and I believe in it.  I would never want to change anything, because it would destroy what my life is now.  I don’t want to not come out of the closet in 1999, never meet my husband, never get my job at Empire State Container​, never marry my husband, never buy my own home, never suffer the pain of losing people and pets that I loved.  Fate is real and never ending. What has happened in my life has shaped who I am now.  And I would never want to change that.


© 2015, Dean Basler

all rights reserved.

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