A Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint (January 5, 2018)


Okay, this fucking snowstorm shit has gotta stop!

Part 1: Going to the credit union.

Dan picked me up right after he got out of work, so I could make a deposit at my credit union. The credit union closes at five on Fridays. Decided to take surface streets instead of getting on I-690 (reports of traffic slowed to a crawl and accidents.) Surface streets are like fucking Death Race 2000, seriously. People are being totally stupid. We get to the credit union, AND THEY CLOSED AT FOUR BECAUSE OF THE STORM. Not pissed, though. It’s a fucking clusterfuck in CNY today.

Part 2: Going to Walmart.

Had to pick up another bag of rock salt. Dan needed to get paper towels and a storage tote. I needed to get a box of bandages for work (paper cuts happen in a corrugated box factory, it’s easier to just have some available instead of bothering the supervisor.) Got a 12-pack of Bud. No waiting for a checkout, SURPRISE! Only glitch, cashier had to get a supervisor to approve the beer sale because the cashier is under age. On the POS display, it says “Is the customer over 40?” Supervisor gets there and I quip,”Honey, I ain’t been 40 in 19 years.” (I am 59.)

Part 3: The drive home.

Okay, shit is done, now time to get home. Mind you, we live in the southwest end of Syracuse, and we were six miles away in Dewitt. Still going to take surface streets, because the traffic reports on the radio were saying I-690 is still a clusterfuck. No problem. Correction, PROBLEM! Going down Erie Boulevard, whiteout conditions, people still being stupid. (Jesus fucking Christ, you live in CENTRAL FUCKING NEW YORK, plan for bad weather and blizzard conditions during WINTER!) Dan was unfazed. The Jeep Compass actually is a pretty good winter vehicle (thank you Bill Delia for putting us in it.) We didn’t have to even put it in 4 wheel drive lock, the automatic 4 wheel drive and traction control handled everything. So we finally get to our end of town, and Dan says “We ain’t going up our street (we live at the top of a hill.) So he goes around to a street that has a gentler slope and we know is going to be plowed. Make it around to our street. It’s a fucking mess as usual. Fortunately, there isn’t very much heavy snow in our driveway. We backed in, got our stuff in the house, and I said “We’ll deal with the sidewalk and driveway in the morning.”

Left the house: 3:50pm.

Got home: 5:50pm.

On a good day, it would take one hour tops. Such is life in Syracuse during winter.


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