A Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint (November 13, 2015)


2015-09-15 20.10.41

Yes, the world is truly getting more fucked by the minute.  The terrorist attacks in Paris have put the entire planet on edge.  Of course, the right-wingnuts here in the US are going to use it as an excuse to campaign for closing the borders of our country even more.  Blowhards like Trump and Carson are going to become more strident in their anti-immigration efforts.  The Second Amendment-quoting ammosexuals are going to hammer Congress and the Senate over gun-control laws so they can have an excuse to mass weapons that are made for one purpose, to kill people.  We have workplaces enacting more security measures because of the uptick of workplace violence. And the American public is going to be forced into a paranoid stance that has them seeing ISIS-backed terrorists at every turn.  More and more people are becoming distrustful of the police because of all the shootings that have happened in the past year.  And the worst part of it all?  All the information, conjectures, conspiracies, and disinformation is coming to use in one big flood over the Internet.  It’s difficult for your average American to fathom it all, and even I find myself overwhelmed by all the shit that comes in at the speed of fiber optics.  Is all of this a bellweather of a mass extinction event by our own hands?  Who the fuck knows.  All I know is that I am gonna go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning, the world will still be fucked, and I have to go to work.


©2015, Dean Basler, all rights reserved.