Notes on "Hate is a bitch"

Okay, I know the video looks a little crappy, I am still learning how to properly render in widescreen. I’ll get it eventually, and my next episode will be in standard 4:3 aspect ratio, because Vegas doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. It’s all a matter of tweaking the settings to keep the audio and video synchronized, which is what I was having a problem with.

I do like having a proper video camera though, because it makes doing the video easier. The chroma key effects are much better, since I don’t have to do much color correction on the video. I spent about 20 dollars at Walmart getting two reflector lamps (they came in a kit that was easy to assemble) and a couple of 150 watt GE Reveal light bulbs. They put the proper amount of light on the green screen, and if I sit about six feet away from it, plus have a small spotlight mounted on my tripod right below the video camera to provide fill-in light, the raw video is a snap to chroma key. (That is one of the reasons why I actually spent 95 bucks at Sony’s website for the Vegas Platinum Pro package. Vegas is so much easier to use than Pinnacle Studio.)

Another thing: I know that this video is a little long, but the subject matter demanded it. Hate in any form should be discouraged and ridiculed. So here is the video, and I hope you enjoy it, or makes you think about it and do something.

The next video (which should be up sometime Sunday night,) I will take on the series finale of “Battlestar Galactica,” which finally ended it’s cockteasing and went out in an orgasmic blaze of glory (IMHO.)

Here’s the link to Diversity Rules Magazine, where you can show your support to Jim Koury.

And here is a editorial on the threat itself from the Oneonta Daily Star:

The music that I am now using is royalty free and easy to download, courtesy of Jason Shaw and Audionautix.
Here is the link to his website:

There is also a Twitter feed to the right on my blog page, If I feel like posting what I am doing at that moment, that is what you will see there.

Here’s episode 2 of The DeanBear Chronicles:

A New Start

Well, my blog site is changing again…instead of just doing stupid ass childish rants, this is gonna be a little more refined. Most of the time, I will just embed my latest video, and sometimes I will also write commentary about one thing or another, and provide links to more information.

One of the things that I am doing is experimenting with Sony Vegas as an editor. It has some features that work very well. The cold open is an experiment using multiple chroma key effects, and it wasn’t that good, but I will get better at it. The main title, the interstitials (the transitions between segments,) and my production company logo were first rendered using Art Of Illusion 2.7, a open source Java based CGI program. It was pretty easy to get it to do what I wanted to do. The end titles were handled by the Vegas software. Once that was done, I could upload it right to YouTube from the program. Slick, very slick.

Now, all I need is a proper digital video camera to shoot and upload in 16:9 widescreen, instead of my Kodak digital camera.

Well, here it is, the “pilot episode” of The DeanBear Chronicles.

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Links to topics in the video:

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Art of Illusion 2.7

Some photos that were taken in October 2008:

When DeanBear and Dano went to That Place (in Utica, New York)