A Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint (September 9, 2014)

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Seriously?  That is considered earth-shattering news?  Apple releasing new products so all the brainwashed sheeple can leverage themselves further into debt so they can have the latest and greatest?  Listen, I am all for technological innovation, but IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A FUCKING DEAL!  As for them finally releasing a smartwatch, so what.  I’ll stick with the classic analog watch.  I need a watch to tell time, that’s it. Grow up, sheeple. The world as we know it is sliding into an abyss, and you’re too fucking blinded by a shiny new thing to even care.

What has brought on my latest spate of misanthropic thought? Well, as usual I took the bus home from work (those of you who do know me know that I have taken to calling it the “cattlecar” because most of the mass of psuedo-humans that ride it can be pretty much described as cattle.)  Most of the people who populate America nowadays have been blinded to the fact that the right-wing has been slowly taking away your freedom to think for yourselves.  American media has become a nationwide “Ministry of Truth” through the manipulation of the mass-media companies that are owned by a handful of corporations.  Politics has been corrupted by so much money (read as Koch Industries and Walmart) that politicians are more worried about where their campaign funds are coming from than passing effective legislation that would benefit society as a whole. A case in point is the constant knee-jerk reactions by the right when increasing the minimum wage comes up.  They cry that it will cause prices to go up, thus leading to decreased spending by the masses.  BULLSHIT!  If you increase wages, people will have more money to spend on things that make day-to-day life more bearable, like food, shelter, transportation, utilities.  The right bitches and whines about all the people on public assistance and they want to cut spending on SNAP and the ACA.  Well, increase the minimum wage to help keep pace with inflation, and maybe more people will not have to rely on public assistance.  Gee, sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it?  Well, we’re talking about American politics, and logic is a commodity that is pretty much non-existant. (Except for Bernie Sanders.  He is a little bombastic at times, but his ideas on where we should take America is pretty logical.) But the American public in general doesn’t want to think about politics and the political process.  They are more concerned with getting home from their low paying jobs, parking their ass in front of their big-screen TV’s, chowing down on what passes as “food,” (probably from McDonalds or KFC,) watching the drivel that passes for “entertainment,” surfing for porn on their computers, or looking for ways to get laid. 

And when they rouse themselves our of their stupor long enough to get involved in the political process, most of the information that they get is channeled through a strict market-researched filter (usually paid for by overstuffed overbearing corporate interests who’s only purpose is to amass more wealth) that they begin to parrot the “corporate line.” (The Koch brothers are the masters of using their wealth to advance their agenda to the detriment of the American public in general.)

So, you wonder why I strongly dislike people in general?  They’ve become mindless drones.  So, I am going to end this rant here, and contemplate my navel, smoke my pipe, and drink my decaf.  Think about what I have said, and maybe learn how to think for yourself.


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