The DeanBear Vlog Update (April 16, 2010)

Well, I haven’t been posting in my blog, so I will catch everyone up on what I have been doing in the video arena this week.

Saturday, April 10th. (rated TV-MA for language)

Gypsy (the roommate) and I had to take the dogs and vacate the house for a little while, because they wanted to show the house to perspective buyers. The agent listing the house has been pissing me off by wanting to show the house during the week, during the daytime while I am sleeping. She knows that I work a night shift and that is the time I have to sleep. Dan and I have told her time and time again that the house cannot be shown at that time. I think that she is being pressured by our landlady into harassing us. Oh well, she can play that game all she wants, I will win in the end.

Tuesday, April 13th: The DeanBear Chronicles – Episode 12: Assimilated by FACEBOOK! (rated TV-PG for mild language)

Yes, I am now on Facebook! I finally succumbed to the collective. Facebook is the future of getting people to see my videos. Twitter didn’t cut it, and I only have about 250 subscribers. I want more goddamnit! I also did a couple of video and audio tricks with it (the vlog videos are done with minor editing, but I do a little more for the Chronicles.)

Tuesday, April 13th (rated TV-MA for *extremely profane* language)

Boy oh boy, I am FUCKING PISSED! The mortgage underwriter is jerking me around, and I had to vent about it and I was QUITE PROFANE about it. (Meaning that I said the work “fuck” and it’s variations, plus I tossed a couple of “cocksuckers” just to mix it up.) This is what happens when Dan works overtime, and isn’t there to keep me in check.

Wednesday, April 14th (rated TV-14 for mild language)

Dan finally put his foot down, I was getting a haircut. He made the appointment, and even left me a voicemail on my cell phone telling me that I was getting it. No getting out of it. So…since I was getting a haircut, I had to trim down the forest that is my beard (and I have to admit it was getting a little unmanageable.) So he drove me to the stylist before work, and I lost all that hair. (It was getting a little ragged anyway…it had to go.)

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