Notes on The DeanBear Chronicles – Episode 11

Rated TV-MA for adult situations and language

This is IT!  I know that I haven’t been uploading any blog videos lately, but there have been too many demands on my time, both work and personal, to take the time to shoot and edit any video.  My last vlog video, on February 16th, I told you all about taking a weekend trip (February 19th to 21st) to Binghamton, New York to participate in a "bears weekend" event hosted by the Bears of Binghamton.  I took my Flip camera along to chronicle the event.  I debated whether to post this as vlog videos, but since I shot so much footage, I decided that it would be best served as a Chronicles mini-series.  ( I did this once before, with my "Stream of Conciousness In The Kitchen" four-part episode.)

I will be posting each episode over the course of a week, so you can watch each one and judge it on its merits.  Some of it is just me, Dan, and our friend Doug Smith talking in the car, some of it is at the two bars that co-hosted the event.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope that you will all enjoy it.

Part 1 – The trip down, February 19th

After a hard week at work, Dan, Doug, and I are headed to Binghamton to participate in the "Bears of Binghamton" weekend.  The three of us, in the TrailBlazer, spending an hour and a half just talking, and listening to music.  I managed to get some reading in, but mostly we all talked, and WE WOUND UP GETTING LOST, despite using the GPS to find our way to the hotel.  Doug acted like the horndog that he usually is when we see a police officer who had pulled someone over.

Dean Basler
Daniel Bishop
Douglas Smith

Recorded on location in Binghamton, New York
February 19th – 21st, 2010

Written, produced, edited and directed by Dean Basler

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(c)2010, Mattydale Pictures Television and Dean Basler

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