Notes on The DeanBear Vlog for 2/4/2010 and 2/5/2010 – Getting used to vlogging

Two more entries in my video blog…Thursday night and Friday night. (I didn’t do any comments on the video for 2/3 because I was DAMN TIRED!) Thursday was pretty short because I really didn’t have much to talk about. Friday on the other hand, I decided to record the drive in to work using my FlipHD (as opposed to recording on the bus, which I did using my Canon PowerShot.) The music in the background is coming from Dan’s favorite radio station, WMVN (also known as “Movin100.”) I though the end result was pretty good, considering that I was shooting in a moving vehicle. Dan as usual, got a little cranky when I turned the camera on him. I have to get used to the idea of doing daily vlogs and getting them uploaded, and also edit them down so they don’t run over 5 minutes. Ah well, I’ll get better at it as time goes by. And it isn’t a mistake on the video for 2/5, I did rate it TV-PG because I didn’t use any nasty language in it (except for using the word “ass” towards the end of it. Guess it is a first for me. Go figure.)

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