Comments on The DeanBear Chronicles – Episode 10: Is Talent Everything (Or Nothing?)

Sunday was pretty boring in the DeanBear Universe. Had to go to Wallyworld (aka Walmart) to get some new cheap jeans for work. (One pair blue, one pair black, relaxed fit Faded Glory, $8.00 a pair.) Also got some Gold Bond medicated foot powder, because my feet get sweaty and stinky from being on them all night. Also made a decision that I decided to purchase online (from TigerDirect.) Let’s just say that my blog videos will improve for the better (visual wise.)

This episode of the chronicles was a totally off the cuff effort on my part. I woke up about 5:30 Monday morning and just started watching YouTube for shits and giggles. One video by Aron Ching (ForFun808) got me thinking about what it takes to be a success on YouTube, and why some people make it and some don’t. Shooting the episode was different too…I just recorded it straight from my Canon ZR930 camcorder right to the computer using the video capture program that is built into Sony Vegas Movie Studio, no recording to tape bullshit and then transferring. (It saved me a lot of steps.) I also did rendering using the default Windows Media encoder, which should save me a lot of headaches (and reduce the size of the rendered video.)

Links to everything mentioned:

Aron Ching
(ForFun808 Productions)

Jonny Paula
(Is it a Good Idea To Microwave This?/Ideo Productions)

Lucas Cruickshank
(Fred Figglehorn)

Kyle Blanchard

Joss Whedon
(Creator of “Dollhouse” and “Firefly”)


© 2010 Mattydale Pictures Television and Dean Basler

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