The Landscape is Changing. (June 26, 2015)


I could be a be a total curmudgeon today about the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, but I am going to restrain myself.  All I have to say is, we as a species, continue to evolve.   Evolution in our views on what defines marriage is inevitable.  Ever since I met my husband in the May of 2000 (online of all places, on I have found that it is an uphill battle to become recognized as a couple.  When same sex marriage became legal in New York state in 2011, Dan and I knew that it was going to be inevitable that we would tie the knot.  I did so willingly, because he and II , even though we are exact opposites in a lot of ways, we are in sync about our relationship.  Yes, he and I did wait for a little over a year after it was signed into law.  But we were glad that we did so.

All I have to say to the same-sex couples that are contemplating marriage, don’t rush into it.  Plan it out.  Make sure that it is what you want.  Being married takes a LARGE commitment on both your parts.  (Besides, it gives you time to plan a FABULOUS wedding!)

The whole thing about being married is, you have someone who will be at your back when the shit hits the fan. Trust me, I needed Dan’s support when I had some health problems, and when I had issues at my job.  And I am there for him when he needs me.

So, with the SCOTUS ruling today, it gives everyone hope that there will be true equality for everyone in The United States of America.


© 2015, Dean A. Basler Jr., all rights reserved.

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