A Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint (November 26, 2014)

The Silly Season begins (a.k.a. “I really hate the holidays.)

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Well, it is  hump day on this lovely fall day in late November, and it is filling me with fear for my sanity.  Why is that?  It’s what I call the beginning of “The Silly Season.”  What, pray tell is it?  Well it’s the time of the year where people lose all sense of reason and silly behavior results. 

A prime example:  People standing in line at major retailers to get “bargains” for Christmas.  I wrote this last year on November 30, 2013:

“Well, it’s the day after Black Friday, and as predicted there was violence across America as people stood in line to get *supposed * deals.  Myself, having worked in a retail environment (the back office of a department store chain over 20 years ago) knew that the “Black Friday” phenomenon is a case of catering to the fears and subconscious greed of the general public.  The fear of not having the latest and greatest things, and the greed of most people in general (the “I’ve got mine, now fuck off” mindset.)”

Well, it’s gonna get worse, folks.  A shitload of people are up in arms (mainly retail workers) because some major retailers are forcing their employees to come in ON THANKSGIVING DAY!  What the fuck, don’t these fucking greedheads realize that people want to spend Thanksgiving day at home with their loved ones?  You don’t see the fucking Walton family going into the fucking office on that day.  You don’t see the higher-ups at Sears-Kmart (who have threatened their employees with termination) or Macy’s going into the office either. 

And now with the added shopping day, more people are going to be short tempered and greedy.  They don’t give a fuck about the people who are forced to work on Thanksgiving Day and be away from their families.  They just want to satisfy their need to be there and score some “bargains.” 

And now another quote from last year:

“The so-called “Zombie Apocalypse?”  It ain’t coming folks.  It’s already here, and unless more people shake off the barrage of advertising and soundbites that mass media feeds us, then we are truly fucked.”

Wake up sheeple.  You’re better than that.


© 2014, Dean Basler, all rights reserved.

Addendum: I just read this story on the website Addicting Info, where Walmart is refusing to pay a $7,000 fine in the trampling death of an employee in 2008.  This tells you how uncaring Walmart is when it comes to their employees.


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