Two New (Old) Videos

There are two sort of new videos on my YouTube channel. The first one is Random Bullshit From DeanBear, the second is DeanBear on Wants vs. Needs.

The reason that they are sort of new? I decided to reedit and clean them up a bit, one, to remove copyrighted music (the clips of “Stereotomy” by The Alan Parsons Project, that were flagged by YouTube,) and to clean up the video and tweak them a little bit to make them look better when they are viewed. The other reason ties directly into the copyright issue. Someday I hope to become a YouTube partner, and if I don’t have the infringing videos on the site, it would improve my chances of becoming a partner. So the music that you hear is generated by Sony Cinescore, thus there is no rights issue that has to be dealt with.

Also, another thing that I did was re-do my production company logo. The ones that I did before looked a little crappy, and the new ones look a helluva lot better.

That is all.

Random Bullshit from DeanBear (Remastered)

DeanBear on Want vs. Need (Remastered)

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